AER Domino 2A 100W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp

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The AER Domino acoustic guitar amp is the answer to demands for more. You get more power, more volume, and more channels for bigger venues with the Domino combo amp. AER designed the amp specifically so an instrument's sound can be reproduced to perfection through a speaker/amplifier configuration.

Of course, building an acoustic system and tuning it to match all registers required some innovation. The Domino guitar amplifier is equipped with 2 compact drivers: 2 - 8" dual-cone speakers, dual 60W amps, and four channels (Channels 3 and 4 use a combined EQ).

The AER 32-bit effects processor - 16 presets addressable by each channel by individual effect-sends - delivers a variety of very suitable effects for vocals and instruments.

Left and right out in combination with the pre-master out allow direct use of additional active speaker systems to expand the Domino amp to a small club PA.
Based on the Compact/Bingo acoustic system AER has developed the Domino amp, a 100-watt amplification system, that combines the excellent tone of the Compact with increased power and higher efficiency.

The Domino started out as mono, multi-channel acoustic solution for bigger stages. It allows four signals at the same time and is fully equipped to work as a functional PA for small and medium sized venues. To maintain the same sound quality we decided to multiply the sound systems rather than using standard configurations like 12" and tweeter for higher volumes.

Thus the Domino is equipped with two 8" twin cone speakers plus tweeter and two combined 60-watt amps working as a 100-watt power unit. This gives Domino 2A accuracy in the midrange and the speed for a realistic and vivid sound.

Channel one:
Input(1): socket for a 1/4" jack plug, high impedance piezo input
Channel mute: switch to mute the channel
High/low: switch to adjust input sensitivity, high for high input sensitivity, low For low input sensitivity
Clip: overload indicator
Gain: input level control
Color: mid-range contour filter
Bass: bass tone control
middle: middle tone control
Treble: treble tone control
Send: effect send control, adjusts the channels effect amount
100 watts, dynamic control
2 x 8" twin cone mono speaker system plus 1" neodym tweeter
Quad-channel acoustic system
Digital effect processor with 16 presets
Channel two:
Input(2): Combi-Connector with a socket for a 1/4" jack plug and XLR male socket
Channel Mute: switch to mute the channel