Aguilar AG-4MJ-HC 4 String MusicMan Jazz S Size Humcancelling Set

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This calibrated sets include one of Aguilar's AG 4M pickup for the bridge position and the AG 4J-HC for the neck position.

The AG 4M humbucking pickup is wired in parallel to recreate the classic Stingray® tone - crisp treble, articulate midrange and thunderous lows.

By adding the AG 4J-HC pickup, you can enjoy the deep, resonant tone of a neck position, Jazz Bass® pickup without any 60-cycle hum.

The AG 4M/J-HC pickup set offers players all of the characteristics that Aguilar pickups are known for - excellent string-to-string balance, consistency of tone and rich harmonic content.

They sound great passive or active. When paired with an onboard preamp, such as Aguilar's OBP-1, 2 or 3, bassists will have the ultimate in tonal flexibility.

Wire:42-gauge Formvar Wire
Magnets: Alnico V
Leads: Single conductor, heat resistant Teflon® coated
Wire: 42-gauge Formvar Wire
Magnets: Alnico V
Leads: Single Conductor, Cloth-covered