Aguilar AG 5J-HC 5-string J-Bass Pickup Set - Hum-Canceling

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It's easy to supercharge your Jazz Bass - just add the Aguilar AG 5J-HC hum-canceling pickup set! Made for four-string bass guitars, the AG 5J-HC pickup set uses a split-coil design to eliminate 60-cycle hum.

Your lows will be solid as a rock, with rich mids and snappy highs too. And the dynamic response is amazing, allowing you to really dig into your grooves. Bass players worldwide have discovered the amazing sound of Aguilar bass products, and you can too with the Aguilar AG 5J-HC bass pickup set!

-Pair of Jazz Bass-style pickups for five-string bass guitars
-Eliminates 60Hz hum thanks to the split-coil design
-Fat lows, rich mids, and well-defined highs
-Single conductor, cloth-covered cable
-Alnico V magnets for solid output and robust tone