Aguilar AG 5J-Hot 5 String Hot Jazz AS LS Single Coil Set

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With their larger, 6mm magnets and over-wound design, these pickups have a hotter output that loves to push the input of your amplifier with a tone that is big and loud with thundering lows.

Despite their sonic onslaught, the AG 4J-HOT will retain all the dynamics of your playing style. Dig in with a pick (or your fingers!) and all of the grit and nuance of your attack comes through without losing the midrange.

Neck Pickup
Length = 3.975"(101.0mm) Width = 0.732"(18.6mm)
Bridge Pickup
Length = 4.094"(104.0mm) Width = 0.732"(18.6mm)

Please Note: Aguilar does not supply screws with their pickups. If you require some, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

Wire: 42 gauge heavy Formvar wire
Magnets: 6mm Alnico V
Leads: Single conductor, cloth-covered