Aquilar AG 6J-HC 6 String Jazz Bass Pickup Set

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The 6J-HC split-coil pickup give you noiseless Jazz Bass tone that works for all playing styles. With traditional single-coil pickups, bassists are plagued by hum when the neck and bridge pickups are at different volume levels.

While other hum-canceling pickups tackle the noise, you are left with thinner lows, a harsher midrange and a lack of dynamics.

The Aguilar hum-canceling pickups feature a split-coil design that allows you to get any pickup level combination without 60-cycle hum - all while retaining the natural, organic tone of your bass.

Now you can experience the deep, resonant low-end of the neck pickup or solo the bridge pickup for that sought-after midrange cut without annoying hum! Wound in Aguilar’s NYC factory, the HC pickups are wound to have the big, dynamic tone that Aguilar pickups are known for.

Note: Aguilar does not supply screws with their pickups

Wire: 43 gauge, Polyester-Nylon wire
Magnets: Alnico V
Leads: Single conductor, cloth-covered