Comfort Strapp Pro Guitar Strap, Black - Long

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The Comfort Strapp provides unmatched comfort and performance. Comfort Strapp's composite design has the soft cushion of neoprene, configured to eliminate any bungee effect.

The Comfort Strapp Pro Guitar strap provides added support for extra weight of your bass guitar. The extra wide neoprene pad is a comfortable 2.75" from end to end.

Comfort Strapp will outperform any other strap you've ever used. It is the only patented neoprene strap offering limited stretch.

-Made in the USA.
-Patented non-stretch soft neoprene material
-Neoprene pad is a comfortable 2.75" from end-to-end.
-Holds any guitar securely.
-Reduces shoulder slip.
-Employs the Douglas Connector to ensure reliable strap-to-instrument connection.
-Made in the USA
-The Pro Guitar Long Strapp is adjustable from 38 to 45" to fit your guitar & your personal style.

Try a Comfort Strapp and see why famous guitarists like Bonnie Raitt say, "I love these straps...most comfortable I've ever tried."