DLS Effects Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal

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Finally a pure Analog, stereo Tap Tremolo with tons of tremolo styles and functionality any musician could ever ask for! Just some of the features include:

Two different sounding analog optical components utilize a first ever Warmth pot to dial in vintage tube

sounding tremolo to more aggressive tremolo, or any blend in between!

A first ever Shape pot transforms the tremolo wave shape and duty cycle for a multitude of flavors like vintage

rhythmic tremolo, slicing tremolo, playing backwards sound, and much more.

The speed of the Tremolo can be controlled using the Rate Pot, or Tap Tempo, or via an External Expression

pedal. Tap Tempo can be multiplied by 1, 2, 3 or 4 beats per tap, plus is stored in memory.

Two independent in/out channels can be used in Mono or Stereo, including a Ping Pong feature that pans from

amp to amp. Channel-A in/out utilizes True Bypass switching, while Channel-B in/out utilizes a buffered output.

This Tremolo has a small footprint, measuring only 4.3" wide by 4.7" deep

The unit runs from 9vdc (any polarity) and is charge pumped near 15vdc to achieve ultimate headroom and keep

the instrument sounding warm, clear, and free from distortion.