Kala UBASS-BNGA-FS w/Bag Bubinga Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

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The Acoustic-Electric Bubinga U-Bass is the newest addition to the Kala family of short scale portable basses.

It has the unmistakable U-Bass thunder and power. The reddish brown tones of the African Bubinga are trimmed with white and black edge purfling to accent the beautiful wood grain.

Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
16 frets
21 inch scale
Custom Die Cast Tuners
Proprietary Polyurethane strings
Custom Kala and Road Toad logo inlays
Kala electronic system with an active EQ and built in tuner
Separate compensated saddles for each string
List price includes a Deluxe Custom U-Bass Embroidered Logo Gig Bag
Meets most airline carry-on requirements

Product Specs
Condition: Brand New
Make: Kala
Model: Bubinga U-Bass UBASS-BNGA-FS w/Gig Bag Acoustic-Electric UBASS Bass Guitar
Categories: 4-String
Made In: China