Mojo Hand FX Rounder Fuzz Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

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This is a MojoHand Rounder fuzz pedal. It is used and does not come with the box. It has been thoroughly tested and works and sounds great! Please check the photos and let us know if you have any questions. We want you to be happy with your purchase!

The Mojo Hand Fx Rounder is inspired by the rare and sought after Burns Buzzaround Fuzz. This version has added features for more control and greater flexibility. The Rounder uses real deal germanium transistors for a distinct sound that’s somehow both modern and familiar.

The “Timbre” control shapes the overall tone of the pedal. “Balance” acts as a bias control for the transistors, it also doubled as a volume on original units that didn’t have a master volume. “Sustain” controls the overall gain of the pedal. The “Volume” control is a master volume, controlling the overall output of the pedal.

The Rounder features solid, road-worthy construction. Each unit is made in Holland, Michigan U.S.A. and we offer a lifetime warranty. Power requirements: 9v Center Negative Power or Battery (not included). This pedal can not be used in a “daisy chain”. Due to the transistors used it requires it’s own isolated output.

Product Specs
Condition: Excellent
Make: Mojo Hand FX
Model: Rounder Fuzz
Categories: Fuzz
Made In: United States