Digitech istomp programmable pedal W/ps & IOS cable USED

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Enjoy a whole world of digital guitar effects at your fingertips with the DigiTech iStomp downloadable Stompbox multi-effects guitar pedal. It lets you access the functions of an entire chain of stomp pedals in a single compact device, which lightens your load on the road. Unlike most multi-effects processors, this pedal is the size of a single-purpose effects pedal, making it easy to carry to studio sessions and gigs. The DigiTech iStomp pedal is compatible with Apple iOS devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can download new pedals and store them in your virtual road case in the Stomp Shop app. You can purchase each new effect individually, which lets you pick and choose the effects you want to have. Unlike a regular multi-effects processor, you do not have to sort through dozens of effects for which you have no use. To set up the pedal, connect it to your device with the supplied DigiTech Smart Cable (DSC) for iOS devices. Use your device to reconfigure the pedal and load the effect of your choice. The loading time is quick, and your new pedal effect is ready to use in a few seconds. You can customize the LED light color on the pedal to match specific effects, making it easy to differentiate between different sounds. You can then disconnect your iOS device and use the pedal as a regular guitar effects pedal. The DigiTech iStomp effects pedal comes pre-loaded with 10 different e-pedals, letting you change your tone with the swipe of your phone screen. You can purchase additional downloadable e-pedals through the Stomp Shop app. The app lets you sample different sounds before you commit, so you know how each effect sounds in advance. You can choose from popular effects, such as reverb, overdrive, chorus, delay, compression, and modulation. The DigiTech iStomp pedal includes four knobs to help tweak your sound as you use the pedal. It has one mono output and input jack and two stereo output and input jacks. The pedal connects to your guitar and amp with standard 1/4-inch patch cables. It includes an AC adapter to power the pedal, and the DSC cable to connect the pedal to your device. This pedal is compatible with Apple iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or higher. If your phone or tablet has a Lightning connection, DigiTech recommends using an official Apple 30-pin Lightning adapter, as third-party adapters may not work with the pedal. This gear is not compatible with Android or other mobile operating systems. The DigiTech iStomp is compatible with a wide array of music gear. You can use it with any guitar or amplifier. If you want to use multiple effects in a single song, you can chain this pedal to other effects pedals. Simply connect the output cables to the inputs on other pedals or processors. If you want to use the pedal on its own, connect the output to your guitar amp. This effects pedal works well on stage and in recording sessions.