DLS Effects RotoSPIN Rotary Speaker Guitar Effects Pedal

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The NEW RotoSPIN™ by DLS Effects, creates ultra-real Rotary Speaker sounds with dynamic speaker swirl, grind, and DopplerTM Effect.

This effect is exactly what Leslie and Vibratone enthusiasts’ desire! You’ll have your audience asking “Wow, where’s your Rotary Speaker cabinet?” Dial in multiple cabinet sounds & Mic distances using the Tweeter Intensity and, Bass Rotor Level. Rotation speeds are set via the Fast, Slow, and Ramp controls.

A switchable Overdrive stage can also add grit and edge like the old rotary tube amps. Use OUTA (thicker), or OUTB (brighter), or both for a wide (((DLS Stereo)))™ image like no other! The DLS design team enhanced the sound, reduced cost, size, and weight, all while maintaining user controls and rugged road worthiness!

Size: Extremely compact and measures only 3.7”W x 4.7”L x 1.7”H
Power “+9vdc”: Input for 9 to 12vdc, 90ma minimum, 2.1mm jack, polarity does not matter. (DC adapter included)
Case material: Quality die cast aluminum finished with power coat painting for durable finish.
Internal Pot adjustments: INA gain pot, OUTA & OUTB volume
Input/Outs: ¼” jacks, Mono: INA to either OUTA or OUTB (bright), Stereo: INA to both OUTA and OUTB