Dream Cymbals CHH15 Contact series 15 Hi-Hats

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Looking for something with a bit more meat and edge to the sound? The 15" version Contact Hi Hats are naturally a bit slower to respond but do so with more momentum and authority. For those who mean what they say without compromise, these hats are for you.

The Contact series feature a shaped and slightly deeper profile with a relatively larger bell. The stick feel is very lively, The pitch is higher but still rich and warm. These are medium to medium thin cymbals that speak very easily. Faster and louder, these plates also have depth and complexity in the undertones and a shimmering wash that drives the sound forward and up. At home in studio or live situations.

Surface: wide deep lathing by hand
Bow: medium taper
Bell: larger, articulate, clear
Weight: medium to medium thin, very fast but solid response
Hammering: deep hammered hot and cold
Stick: very crisp and fast
Wash: higher pitch, medium long decay

Product Specs
Condition: Brand New
Make: Dream Cymbals
Model: CHH15
Categories: Hi-Hats
Made In: China