Dream Cymbals PANG20 Pang Series 20 China

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Despite their awesome crash ability, this is more than a line of effects cymbals - with three distinct playing surfaces and two mounting directions these are wonderfully versatile. The PANG20 is larger than life providing an extreme range of color.

Once in a while a new cymbal comes along that is a must have and redefines a generation of drummers. The new Pang series from Dream may be just that for this generation.

Neither a china nor a ride nor a swish, it somehow combines elements of all of these to create a whole new color in cymbals sounds. The unique inverted bell combined with the radical shape creates an extremely fast crash with a sound palette that is entirely new.

Loud, brash but not strident.
Surface: lathed, standard knife
Bow: double flange
Bell: shallow, inverted and slightly flattened
Weight: medium
Hammering: deep hammered hot and cold
Stick: very clear, cutting projection
Wash: explosive, fast, loud, raw

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Product Specs
Condition: Brand New
Make: Dream Cymbals
Model: PANG20
Categories: Crash
Made In: China