Dunlop BG-95 Buddy Guy Wah Pedal

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Cited as a major influence by wah-wah masters such as Hendrix, Clapton, and Vaughn--Buddy Guy helped establish the wah-wah as part of the blues vocabulary. To honor his contributions Dunlop has created the Crybaby Buddy Guy Signature Wah Pedal, featuring the Fasel Inductor for a sweet and singing top end, and 2 distinct user selectable wah voices--choose DEEP for a big and throaty growl, or BG for Buddy's own warm and bell-like wah tone. Convenient side-mounted LEDs indicate which mode you are in, while a separate LED indicates effect on/off. Let your guitar sing the blues in style with the Buddy-approved polka dot graphics and custom signature tread.



Filter Parameters

BG Mode
Low Pass: 290Hz - 390Hz
High Pass: 1.5kHz ”1.9kHz

Low Pass: 250Hz - 330Hz
High Pass: 1.3kHz ”1.6kHz

Input Impedance (Wah Active): 1MEG
Output Impedance: <4.7K
Maximum Input Level: -6dBm @ Filter's Center Frequency
Maximum Output Level: 7dBm
Maximum Gain (Toe Down): 16dB
Maximum Gain (Heel Down): 16dB
S/N (Heel Down): >96dBV
S/N (Toe Down): >95dBV
Bypass Configuration: True Hardwire Bypass
Power Requirements: <3.5mA @ 9V DC