E.W.S. Brute Drive Overdrive with Free Patch Cables Guitar Effects Pedal

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Brute Drive (BD-1) is a new distortion pedal designed by EWS. Compared to it's extreme cousin, Fuzzy Drive (FD-1), the BD-1 is designed for smooth, classic distortion sounds.

With intuitive controls and a classic layout design; Volume, Gain and Tone, this versatile pedal also incorporates a Boost Switch for amplifying the low-mid/gain up to 10db!

Housed in bullet proof aluminum and as always true bypass, the Brute Drive (BD-1) will be an instant classic!

Size(W/D/H): 65mmx112mmx50mm
Weight: 240g
True Bypass Switching
Power Consumption: 9VDC/11mA
Battery Type: 9VDC(006P)x1
AC Adapter (Optional): 9VDC, Negative Tips (Regulated recommended)

Product Specs
Condition: Brand New
Make: E.W.S.
Model: Brute Drive Overdrive w/Free Patch Cables Guitar Effects Pedal
Categories: Overdrive and Boost
Made In: Japan