Electro-Harmonix Tone Corset Analog Compressor

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The Electro-Harmonix Tone Corset Analog Compressor gets you funky vintage spank in a compact four-knob box, employing just four knobs and a switch to nail old-school tones with ease.

Quick Specs
-Four-knob design provides excellent control and gives the user the ability to precisely shape their instrument’s dynamics.
-The Sustain knob controls the amount of compression applied to the guitar signal.
-The Attack know adjusts how quickly the compressor recovers. As Attack is turned clockwise the pedal’s response is slower and more initial pick attack comes thru.
-The Blend knob adjusts the mix of the dry and compressed signals.
-Volume controls the overall output level.
-The Pad switch pads down the input signal to prevent undesirable distortion if the Tone Coret is used with high output humbuckers, bass guitar, etc.
-True Bypass for maximum signal path integrity.