Fender Vibrosonic Reverb 1975 w JBL 1x15 & Victoria Luggage Cover, Footswitch, Transformers

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This 1975 Fender Vibrosonic Reverb has the original JBL 1x15 speaker, Victoria Luggage cover, Footswitch, and transformers. There is a tiny bit of noise in the master volume when it's being adjusted, but while being played. We have not had time to pull the amp section and take gut shots or spray some contact cleaner in that pot, but assume it has some new caps because it doesn't have any problems.

This amp has clean for days and would go great with a steel guitar. We turned the channel volume to 10 and cranked the master and it only starts to break up after 8 on the master, but back off the channel volume to 8 and you can take the master all the way without breakup. Nice, clean, clear, and warm tone.

We also ran it through an AmpRX Brown Box voltage regulator and it's rated at 117 volts but seems to sound best at about 113. If you are running 120+ through it, it's kind of harsh but really shines with the voltage slightly sagged.

Product Specs
Condition: Excellent
Make: Fender
Model: Vibrosonic Reverb
Categories: Guitar Combos
Year: 1975
Made In: United States