Gold Tone GT Weissenborn Lap Steel Acoustic Guitar with Gigbag

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No other present-day maker has studied Herman Weissenborn’s original design as closely as Gold Tone. We’ve replicated the famous original hollow-neck tone with our Weissenborn slide guitars. With the affordably priced GT Weissenborn, we’ve simplified the appearance but give the player the same tone found in our more expensive models. It features all mahogany wood, inlayed maple frets, satin finish and open-geared Stay-Tite tuners. Includes hard-padded gig bag.

Warranty Disclaimer
Because of its construction, care must be given to the correct tuning and string gauges to avoid bridge, bracing and neck problems. The strings supplied (.014, .018, .026w, .034w, .044w, .056w) allow G (DGDGBD), D (DADF#AD) and similar tunings. Your Weissenborn will not tolerate any additional excessive tension (such as E tuning (EBEG#BE), Dobro G tuning (GBDGBD or heavier) and will void the warranty. The string tension should be no more than 165lbs at pitch. There are several online string tension calculators available such as this one to determine correct string gauges for any desired tuning.

Texas Guitar Ranch is an authorized Gold Tone dealer and your product comes with full manufacturer warranty.

Product Specs
Condition: Brand New
Make: Gold Tone
Model: GT Weissenborn Lap Steel Acoustic Guitar
Made In: China