KHDK No.1 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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Pure overdriven tube-amp tone packed into a single pedal: the KHDK Electronics No. 1 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal.

This bold, versatile No. 1 Overdrive from KHDK Electronics is like having a killer-sounding tube amp right on your pedalboard. Giving you all the powerful, warm distortion you could ever want, the No. 1 Overdrive features KHDK's proprietary circuit that was designed by gearheads, for gear heads.

It sports a 2-band EQ, a Volume control, and a Gain control with a HI/LO switch for unbelievable sonic flexibility. Powered by either a 9V battery or optional power supply. All KHDK pedals are proudly handcrafted and quality tested in the USA.

Gain Controls the unity gain of the circuit.
Volume Controls the overall output volume of the No. 1.

The hi/lo switch is tied directly into the gain. The lo setting offers a warm, tube-like boost and a subtle crunchy overdrive, great for rhythm playing. The hi setting adds saturation, sustain, low end and compression. This setting is recommended for a more powerful rhythm or soloing.

Bass Controls the bass and lower mid-frequency gain. The bass is tied into the gain, making it a secondary gain control and enhancing your low end.

Treble Control Is a passive, natural sounding low-pass filter. It cuts high end and offers a wide frequency range. Turned clockwise, it becomes raw, aggressive and cuts through. Turned counterclockwise, it cuts highs for a more mellow and warm tone.
Footswitch Engages your No. 1 to "on" or True bypass mode.