KHDK No.2 Clean Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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The No. 2 is KHDK’s original Clean Boost, utilizing the strength of KHDK’s unique circuit.

Providing a warm, tube-like boost, it was designed for those who appreciate a natural and subtle gain. Best used as a tool for shaping your tone on a quality all-tube amp, the No. 2 allows the organic and transparent EQ controls to fully develop your tone.

Product Attributes
UPC:  866640000110
Input:  Mono
Output:  Mono
Effect Type:  Other
Color:  White

Product Features
-Bass Controls the bass and lower mid-frequency gain. The bass is tied into the gain, making it a secondary gain control enhancing lows.
-Footswitch Engages your No. 2 to "on" or True bypass mode.
-Gain Controls the unity gain of the circuit.
-The hi/lo switch Is tied directly into the gain. The lo setting offers a warm, tube-like boost. The hi setting adds saturation, compression and a powerful mid boost.
-Treble Control Is a passive low-pass filter, cutting high end and offering a wide frequency range.
-Volume Controls the overall output volume of the No. 2.