Lehle Little Dual Amp Switcher Guitar Pedal

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An Amp Switcher and Hum Eliminator in One!

Guitarists, it's time to expand your guitar rig! The Lehle Little Dual is a slick little problem solver, conquering two tasks at the same time. Not only does it eliminate hum (courtesy of the transformer-isolated signal paths), but it also allows you to feed two separate amps simultaneously.

And there's another bonus: the Lehle Little Dual can be operated in either a stereo capacity or as an A/B switcher, giving you flexibility onstage or in the studio. When you need stellar performance from a switcher that doesn't color your sound, check out the Lehle Little Dual.

Lehle Little Dual Amp Switcher/Hum Eliminator Features at a Glance:
-Eliminates hum
-Serves as an A/B switcher or feeds two amps simultaneously
-Signal paths are transformer isolated
-Gold-plated phase reverse and ground-lift switches