Lehle Sunday Driver Buffer and Booster Guitar Effects Pedal

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Maximize Your Guitar's Tone!

You know what a drag a full pedalboard can put on the signal that finally gets to your amp. In a perfect world, your guitar's signal would be just as strong and vibrant coming out of that last pedal in the chain as it is when you plug straight into your amp. Well, here's an elegant solution that really works! Place Lehle's Sunday Driver preamp between your pedals and your amp, choose the "Driver" setting, and prepare for tonal bliss — no matter how many stompboxes you're running through.

Using long cable runs? Use the Sunday Driver to maintain your signal. Your sound will be livelier, fuller, and more dynamic. Amazing!

The Sunday Driver isn't simply a buffer box that restores that magic vibe to your guitar tone. It's also an excellent recording preamp — especially if you're using guitar-modeling plug-ins inside your DAW. If you want to boost your guitar's signal, just select the "Sunday" setting. You get warmth, punch, and detail plus up to 15dB of clean gain. It's the perfect way to dial in your guitar's signal for the stage or the studio.

Lehle Sunday Driver Signal Buffer and Preamp Features at a Glance:
Buffer (Driver) and booster (Sunday) functionality
Adjustable 15dB buffer
Compact and tough metal chassis
Perfect for multiple-pedal setups and long cable runs
Great recording preamp for guitar

Tech Specs
Pedal Type: Signal Buffer, Boost
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
Power Source: 9V-20V AC/DC power supply required
Batteries: 1 x 9V optional
Height: 3.54"
Depth: 1.53"
Width: 3.62"
Manufacturer Part Number: Sunday Driver