Mad Professor MAD-BBBOD Bass Distortion Effects Pedal

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Mad Professor BlueBerry Bass Overdrive (BBBO) is a high quality dynamic overdrive pedal for electric bass. It was designed to get light to medium overdrive, reminiscent of vintage tube bass amplifiers.

With the Drive control, you can get natural dynamic- cally controlled overdrive like on those old tube bass amplifiers, or more compressed thick distortion. At lower drive settings the BBBO distorts more the harder you strike the strings, and there is no definite clipping point, but rather different shades of distort- as the amplitude changes.

Higher settings will give more compressed sounds. With the clever Nature adjustment one can adjust the tone, and also control what register distorts. From really big and fat with low register distortion to cutting upper midrage solo bass tone.

There is enough volume to use the pedal also as a booster. While mainly designed for bass guitar, the BBBO can also be used with other instruments for low, dynamically controlled distortion.

-The tone of vintage tube bass amplifier
-Very dynamic tone, play harder = more distortion
-Adjust what frequency you want to distort with Nature knob