Mojo Hand FX 1978 Limited Ed Op Amp Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

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The “1978? is based on the legendary Op-amp version of the EHX Big Muff*.

This peculiar Muff uses an IC, instead of the traditional transistor set, resulting in something that’s both familiar and different at the same time. The sound is more raw and aggressive than a typical BMP. Please do not expect subtlety. This pedal does not “clean up well” with your volume knob. It doesn’t sound pretty.

It’s probably not appropriate for waltzes or jazz standards. It’s not supposed to be. It smashes you in the face. Enjoy. Like all Mojo Hand Fx this pedal is housed in a sturdy die-cast enclosure with professional powder coating, printing, etc. It is true bypass.
It uses a standard 9v center negative power supply (like a 1-Spot), or a 9v battery.

This is a limited run of 200 units.

We will include 2 quality 6" patch cables with soldered metal connectors with this pedal as a bonus for our customers.

Product Specs
Condition: Brand New
Make: Mojo Hand FX
Model: 1978 Limited Ed Op Amp Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
Categories: Fuzz, Distortion
Made In: United States