Morley MWV Mini Wah Volume Guitar Effects Pedal

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The Morley Mini Wah Volume pedal adds a ton of sonic firepower to your pedalboard, without taking up a lot of real estate.

As the name suggests, this clever little pedal combines a smooth audio taper volume pedal with a traditional wah-wah effect. Operation is simple, with just a single wah level control and a mode switch in addition to the rocker pedal. Machined from cold-rolled steel, the Mini Wah Volume is more than ready to withstand life in your live rig. And since it relies on an optical circuit, there's no resistor pot to wear out on the Morley Mini Wah Volume pedal.

A pedalboard-friendly combination wah and volume pedal
Traditional wah effect with level control responds evenly to your playing style
Smooth audio taper volume pedal lets you create cool fades and swells
Electro-optical resistor circuit won't wear out like a traditional potentiometer
Cold rolled steel housing holds up to serious wear and tear
LED indicator and quick clip battery housing provide extra conveniences
Works great with guitar, bass, keyboards, and more

Tech Specs
Height: 2.75"
Width: 4.5"
Depth: 6.75"
Manufacturer Part Number: MWV