Orange Amplifiers OR15H 15/7 Watt Guitar Head

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Looking for a killer sounding Class A amp that won't tank your budget? Check out the all-tube Orange OR15H guitar amplifier head.

This slightly smaller amp head boasts 15 watts of classic British tone and an all-tube effects loop. Hearkening back to the early Orange days, the OR15H features the cool pics only faceplate.

If you find that 15 watts is too loud, you can flip a switch and drop it to 7 watts. This is perfect for rehearsals and studio work. From brilliant cleans to flamethrower distortion, the Orange OR15H is your ticket to tone.

At a Glance:
15 watts of British tone
Killer Orange looks
Take your tone with you!

15 watts of British tone
An all-tube, 15-watt guitar head, the OR15H features four stages of gain which offers huge tonal range. A powerful 3-band EQ lets you dial in the exact tone you want and need. The OR15H switches from 15 to 7 watts for studio use and recording. The Orange OR15H puts a lot of high-priced boutique amps to shame with its clean crunch to full-on overdrive sounds. At mid-gain settings this tube head has tons of vintage British character.

Killer Orange looks
The Orange OR15H is immediately recognizable. Yes, the signature orange Tolex sticks out like a 7' basketball player at a preschool, but the classic white face, which is an Orange signature, looks like no other amp out there. Everyone will notice your rig and want to know what it is. The guys who do know will have serious gear envy. Orange is classy, what else can we say?

Take your tone with you!
The Orange OR15H has been built to the same rugged specification as the bigger Orange amps and its portability makes it perfect for gigging around town or rehearsing. The OR15H switches between 15 and 7 watts for stage or studio use and recording.

As a bonus for our customers, you will receive a 10' instrument cable with your purchase. This cable has gold tipped ends, soldered connectors, powder coated metal connector housing, 20awg wire, and fabric covering. Also a 3' speaker cable is included.

15-watt, single-channel, all-tube guitar amp head with great Orange tone
Vintage pics only faceplate
Tube-driven effects loop for your favorite pedals
Switchable to 7-watt output for studio and rehearsal
Class A tube amp with EL84 power tubes