Orange Amplifiers Signature #4 Jim Root Speaker Cabinet PPC212JR 2x12

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The Perfect Sidekick to the Jim Root Terror Head

Designed to be used with Orange's #4 Jim Root Terror Head, the Orange Jim Root PPC212 Signature #4 Cabinet has a closed back to keep your low-end tones tight and unyielding -- a feature well-suited to Jim Root's sound. Regarding the visual aspects, this cab is a beauty. A black vinyl finish and a black basket weave woven paper grill cloth with Orange's logo and name on front encase two 12" special design Orange speakers. This cab can handle 120 watts of power and has two parallel 1/4" input jacks on its back.

Two 12" Orange Speakers in Enclosed Case
Your two 12" specially designed Orange speakers propel a consistent and well-defined tone, which is what you'd expect from any Orange cab. These guys are housed in a closed back casing to give your tone a tighter low end sound. This design is modeled after Jim Root's tone and keeps your amplified signal punchy -- you'll always be ready to launch a heavy arsenal of decibels.

Designed to Go with the #4 Jim Root Terror Head
The #4 Jim Root Terror Head captures the distortion and metal spectrum of Jim Root's tone in simplicity and in all-tube color, and your PPC212 is the perfect cab for its unyielding drive. Both pieces of gear were designed side-by-side with Root himself, to deliver the best of his signature tone as heard in Slipknot.

Orange's Cool Design
Orange is a household name in the world of prominent amplifiers and amp heads. Aside from retaining such a renowned sound, they look pretty sweet. Your PPC212 sports an attractive black vinyl finish and a special black basket weave woven paper grill cloth. On the front of this cab you'll see the familiar Orange name and logo, as well as Jim Root's signature in the upper left-hand corner. A sweet look and a solid metal tone make your PPC212 Signature 4 Jim Root Cab a piece of gear you'll be rocking with for a long time.

- Two 12" special design Orange speakers
- Handles 120 watts of power RMS at 16 ohms
- 2 parallel 1/4" input jacks
- Hard-wearing black basket weave woven paper grill cloth
- High density birch ply
- Compact at only 61 pounds