Orange Two Stroke Boost EQ Effects Pedal

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The Two Stroke Boost EQ is Orange'stake on the essential 'clean boost' pedal, but with even more versatility.

Combining an active dual-parametric EQ and up to 12dB of output boost, the Two Stroke is the perfect tool for fine-tuning your sound or pushing your amp's front end with unsurpassed control. Subtle Two Stroke tweaks can add an extra dimension to solos, whilst more aggressive use of the pedal's EQ can sculpt entirely new sounds.

Use the Two Stroke to add an extra channel to your amplifier or re-voice your guitar's pickups completely. Crankthe highmids to jump through the mix, cut the low end to remove the woolliness that normally occurs with traditional boost pedals, or leave the EQ flat to hear more of what you already like.

However you set it, thanks to the pedal's charge pump circuit (which doubles the internal voltage and massively increases the headroom), the Two Stroke works brilliantly placed before or after other pedals, or even in your effects loop. It's also suitable for bass and acoustic guitars as a practical tool to remove unwanted 'honk' or feedback, making this pedal a valuable addition to any musician's setup.

If you've flirted with EQ pedals before but been immediately put off by excessive noise and underwhelming results, the awesome Two Stroke Boost EQ may just change your mind.

Orange Two-Stroke Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

  • 12dB Boost
  • Active Dual-Parametric EQ
  • Internal voltage doubling up to 18v for more headroom
  • Transparent Buffered Bypass
  • Dimensions (W H D): 9.5 6.5 13CM (3.74 2.56 5.12?)
  • Power: 9V Battery OR 9-12V DC adapter (Center negative, not included)
  • Current Draw @ 9V: 28MA