Radial Tonebone Classic Tube Distortion Pedal 12AX7

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This is a Radial Engineering Tonebone Classic Tube Distortion pedal. It is in excellent condition, and has full original packaging and accessories. Please check the photos carefully and let us know if you have any questions. We want you to be happy with your purchase!

This is also a B-stock item, meaning it has been refurbished and tested by the manufacturer.

Radial Tonebone Classic at a Glance:
-Vintage overdrive distortion pedal with variable overdrive.
-Drive and level controls
-Post distortion EQ for maximum flexibilty.
-Mid-Boost switch to fatten up single coil pickups.

The Tonebone Classic is an extremely flexible distortion pedal. With
three drive settings and a variable drive control, you can dial in
everything from dirt to drastic and everywhere in between. The Tonebone
Classic's design is based on vintage overdrive sounds that started in
the 1960's and 1970's and today remain some of the most sought after
tones. The Classic is exceptionally dynamic and transparent and as such,
is extremely adept at retaining your playing style and signature.

Even at high distortion settings, you can turn your guitar level down and the
Classic cleans up naturally and without the noise, hum or buzz that is
common with most other pedals. At higher settings, every note remains
distinct and the natural tone of the instrument shines through.

High: Boosts +12dB @ 620Hz; Medium: Boosts +6dB @ 390Hz; Bypass: No boost.
DRIVE switch: Used in conjunction with the drive gain control. Drive switch selects the gain range of the overdrive circuit.
Tube: Standard 12AX7 vacuum tube inside is used in distortion stage to accentuate upper harmonics and warmth.
Distortion: Proprietary tube hybrid distortion circuit. Wide range of distortion settings may be derived.
Footswitch: True by-pass with red in/out status LED.
Power Supply: 15VDC adapter (110V standard - export models available) - Included.
Construction: 14 gauge steel construction with baked enamel coat.
Standard package: Includes power supply, rubber stick-on feet, stickers, product guide, owner's manual.

Product Specs
Condition: Excellent
Make: Radial
Model: Classic Tube Distortion
Finish: Black
Categories: Overdrive and Boost, EQ