Rivera Clubster Royale 112 50W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black

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Rivera's award-winning Clubster Royale combo amplifier has been warming the hearts of players around the world. Due to much demand, the company created the special Clubster Royale 112 50W 1x12 tube guitar combo amp. It features 2 discrete preamp channels powered by 3 - 12AX7 tubes, and now a tuned high-gain lead channel, an active effects, and a larger output transformer with an impedance selector.

This 50-watt powerhouse of EL34 Tube tone will give you the chunky bottom end, clean rhythms, and sweet sustain and distortion to satisfy your musical desires.

The Rivera amp's high gain lead tones in Channel 1 are articulated with 3-band equalization, and a Pull for Boost switch gives you that extra gain to go from crunch to searing leads. Channel 2 is a straightforward rhythm channel with 2-band equalization and a bright switch, voiced like the vintage blackface amps from 1965.
In addition, the Rivera tube amp features the rich and lush footswitchable Accutronics spring reverb to add depth and swell to your tone.

Rivera's pioneered active effects loop with send and return level controls allow you to patch with perfect level matching any external signal effects processor chain. You can also switch channels and reverb with the included FS20 footswitch. The heavy-duty and oversized output transformer features low temperature running, super-tight bottom end, two speaker jacks, a lineout jack, and an impedance selector for easy and correct matching of external speaker enclosures.

Like all Rivera amplifiers, they are built with military and audiophile grade components, and lovingly handcrafted in Burbank, California. The 1x12 version comes standard with a Celestion Seventy 80.

The Rivera Clubster Royale is a fabulous sounding and roadworthy workhorse for years of satisfying and dependable performance.

Featuring 2 channels, 50 watts, and all-tube design, it's an American-made boutique Rivera amp for an affordable price.

Channel 1 controls: Volume, bass (pull switch for boost), middle, treble, master
Channel 2 controls: Volume (pull switch for channel selection), treble (pull switch for bright), bass
Common front-panel inputs and controls: 1/4" High and Low Gain input, 1/4" footswitch input, reverb control, presence control, power on/off switch
Rear-panel inputs and outputs: 1/4" effects loop send, 1/4" effects loop return with level controls, 1/4" line output and 1/4" external speaker output
Preamp tubes: Three 12AX7A
Output tubes: Two EL-34's
Output power: 50 watts RMS into 8 ohms
Speaker: 12" Celestion 70/80
Footswitch functions: Channel switching, reverb on/off (footswitch is included)
Reverb: Accutronics 6-spring reverb (combo version), 3-Spring reverb in Top
Cabinet material: 5/8"-thick plywood
Construction: Dadoed joints
Clubster Royale 112 50W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
Dimensions: 18"H x 21"W x 12"D
Weight: 46lb.

This item was purchased from a now defunct music store. The photos are the actual item we are selling. It has been check out and has no issues. It was new and unsold inventory for them, not a used item, but it does NOT come with manufacturer warranty.

You are able to purchase it for much less than you otherwise would, however. Cosmetic flaws will be highlighted in the photos.

Product Specs
Condition: B-Stock
Make: Rivera
Model: Clubster Royale 112 50W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
Finish: Black
Categories: Boutique Amps
Made In: United States