Supro Tremolo & Reverb Guitar Footswitch SF2

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Tremolo and Reverb On/Off Dual Footswitch for Supro Combo Amps

The Supro SF2 footswitch allows you to control the tremolo and reverb circuits of your favorite Supro tube combo electric guitar amplifiers with the tap of a toe. The SF2 connects to your amplifier via a 1/4" TRS cable. The Supro SF2 gives you full control of your Supro tube combo electric guitar amplifier's tremolo and reverb effects.

Supro SF2 Tremolo Dual On/Off Footswitch Features:
Turns amp tremolo and reverb on and off
Connects via a 1/4" TRS cable (not included)
Rugged metal construction
The SF2 lets you control your tremolo and reverb.