TC Electronic Ditto Looper Guitar Effects Pedal

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With the TC Electronic Ditto Looper pedal in your rig, it's easy to create great-sounding layered performances.

The Ditto Looper is the looper pedal for no-nonsense guitarists, with just a single loop level control to dial in.

You'll immediately notice the top-notch sound quality, thanks to TC's analog dry-through signal path which leaves your dry tone unprocessed. With a small footprint, easy operation, and great sound, the TC Electronic Ditto Looper is ready to perform.

TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal Features:
-Compact looper pedal for guitar or bass
-Single loop level knob is the only control to dial in
-True bypass circuitry leaves your tone intact
-Analog dry-through signal path leaves your dry tone unprocessed
-Loops are recorded as uncompressed 24-bit audio
-Requires 9V external power supply, not included