TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate with TonePrint Guitar Effects Pedal

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Get a noise-free and dynamic performance with the TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate pedal. Utilizing TC's cutting-edge multiband System 6000 algorithms, the Sentry Noise Gate gives you seamless, organic-sounding noise reduction.

Guitar players like an organic decay, and this pedal delivers. No choppy cut-offs that ruin your music, just natural-sounding decay. The Sentry is also loaded with a classic hard-gate mode that sports a Send/Return loop for dealing with noisy pedals or using it for creative sidechaining. Take control of your rig's noise with the TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate pedal.

TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal Features at a Glance:
-Noise gate pedal based on the System 6000 algorithms
-Multiband or Hard noise gate modes squash noise
-Versatile Send/Return jacks for side chaining effects of isolating noisy pedals
-TonePrint Editor software for Mac, Windows PC, and iPad gives you access to downloadable presets
-Choose from buffered or true bypass via an internal switch
-Made with high-quality analog and digital components
-Road-ready, ultra-tough all-metal chassis