TC Electronic T2 Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

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High-Quality Reverb Pedal with Gorgeous Exclusive Reverb Effects and Built-In TonePrint Technology

  • High-quality reverb pedal with gorgeous exclusive reverb effects and built-in TonePrint technology offers you a wealth of fascinating sonic potential
  • 10 exclusive reverb effects handcrafted by reverb experts at TC ELECTRONIC and ProGuitarShop* developed with the ambient guitarist in mind
  • TonePrint-enabled to let you beam cool signature tones into your pedal with the free TonePrint App
  • Design your own customized reverb effects from scratch with free TonePrint Editor for PC, Mac* and iPad*
  • Simple and intuitive user interface lets you focus on playing
  • True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss when the pedal is off
  • Optional buffered bypass mode prevents high frequency loss from long cable runs
  • Analog-Dry-Through maintains total integrity of analog dry signal path even when reverb is engaged
  • Kill-Dry feature removes the dry signal path for use with parallel effects loops
  • True stereo I/O provides incredibly wide 3-dimensional tones
  • Easy "1 screw" battery compartment access
  • Compact format fits on any pedal board
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark

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Backstage Pass - All Access

T2 is insanely easy to use, but filled to the brim with high quality reverbs that will satisfy all of your ambient needs!

  1. Mini Toggle

    Controls the time between the direct sound and the reverb sound – in other words, how long it takes for the reverb buzz you’re treating the audience to ‘kick in’. Long pre–delays work well at more intense settings.

  2. Decay

    Sets the decay time of the reverb or 'how long you actually hear the reverb'. This knob takes you from a natural room vibe to you playing in a cathedral in a canyon – in outer space.

  3. Tone

    Switch between bright and dark sounds and every nuance in between - crisp clarity or darker warmth?

  4. FX Level

    The intensity of the effect – from a hint of echo to full–on, earth-shattering reverberation.

  5. Room for Choice

    Ten exclusive reverb sounds made by TC Electronic’s and ProGuitarShops’ finest tone connoisseurs extraordinaire. From lush modulated 80s plate reverbs to full-on space flight, it’s all here, ready to take your tone to new sonic territories.

  6. Maximum YOU

    TonePrint pedals offer both true- or buffered bypass. It simply means that no matter what your setup or situation, TC pedals give you optimal signal integrity so the 'you' in your playing shines through with unparalleled clarity and definition.

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    Reverb Descriptions

    1. Reverb V

      This is a slow pitch-bending reverb with doubling effect.

    2. Reverb VI

      This is a “syrupy” plate reverb with warm tails and subtle modulation.

    3. Reverb VII

      This is a flanged reverb with classic 80’s sweep that stays in tune.

    4. Reverb IV

      This is a huge cathedral-type reverb without any boundaries.

    5. Reverb VIII

      This is a deep, natural hall reverb with maximum allowed decay.

    6. Reverb III

      This is a clear, glassy reverb with an ominous low end throb.

    7. Ethereal 1

      This is pure reverb interacting with itself, bouncing around to create a perceived upper harmony.

    8. Reverb II

      This is a long sustaining reverb mixed with a watery, organ-like vibrato.

    9. Ethereal 2

      This provides a pulsating drone behind the notes generating an eerie wall of sound.

    10. Reverb I

      Warm space and slow modulation with stretchy, elastic qualities.

Infinite Reflections

T2 is your new one stop portal to reverb heaven! Containing reverbs as lush and deep as the Grand Canyon and as hauntingly beautiful as the Aurora Borealis, T2 is a true testimony to the love of reverberating tones. T2 takes everything that made the original Trinity Reverb such a success and adds a plethora of new sounds, making this a must-have for every reverb aficionado out there!

Space: Above And Beyond

With T2 you get 10 exclusive rocking reverbs perfectly handcrafted by people that live and breathe reverb tone on a daily basis. These sounds are designed to take you from a tiny reverberating room on planet earth and then skyrocket you into outer space, with otherworldly tones that are sure to propel your creativity into the stratosphere!

Disappear Into The Atmosphere

Each custom tone has been carefully made with the ambient guitarist in mind, and seeks to push the boundaries for how modern reverbs should sound. So be prepared to disappear into a lush sea of resonating tones, with endless decay for days and beautiful swirls of modulation. Why stay confined to conventions when you can aim for the sky?

TonePrint - Signature Effects

T2 also sports our TonePrint technology, which lets you beam custom tuned reverb sounds into the pedal via the free TonePrint app, or you can make your very own reverb via our TonePrint Editor. That dream reverb tone in your head has simply never been closer. So stop dreaming and start beaming!

- T2 Reverb is compatible with every Hall Of Fame Reverb TonePrint

True to Tone

You love tone, so do we, and our design philosophy testifies to that. So whatever route you wanna go, we got your back. With optimized headroom, True Bypass or Buffered Bypass switch and Kill-Dry on/off, this pedal guarantees optimal tonal integrity and zero loss of tone. And, no matter if the pedal is on or off your precious dry sound is always passed through the pedal unharmed in all it's pure analog glory due to an Analog-Dry-Through.