Walrus Audio 2 Channel Remote Switch for Descent and Vanguard

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Use the 2-channel remote switch to control the Descent and Vanguard's two foot switches.

This feature allows you to place the Descent at the back of your pedal board and run the small remote control switch to the front of your board; freeing up real estate on your board’s front row. To use the Remote option with this 2-channel remote switch, a TRS cable is required.

For the Descent and Vanguard this pedal remotely controls the Preset footswitch and the Bypass foot switch.

Preset Footswitch –Changes between presets
Bypass Footswitch / Preset Save – Push down Bypass to turn the pedal on and off. To save a setting and add the setting to your bank of presets, hold the Bypass footswitch down until the ‘Preset’ LED flashes.

Product Specs
Condition: Brand New
Make: Walrus Audio
Model: Transit 5 Standard
Categories: Loop Pedals and Samplers, Controllers, Volume and Expression
Made In: United States